Indian Bungy Jumping Code of Practice


The complete Indian Bungy Jumping Code of Practice, covering site design, training requirements and operational requirements required to operate a safe bungy jumping site in India



Over over the course of the last five years there has been a huge growth in adventure activities in India and in particular with Bungy Jumping. In the past five years, Bungy Jumping in India has increased tenfold, it is expected that this growth will continue, serving in excess of 500,000 customers per year.

Since India currently has no specific safety standard requirements pertaining to Bungy Jumping, sites have either utilized parts of the New Zealand and Australian Bungy Jump Standards or operate without any standards at all.
In the interests of safety for all, we have formed the Indian Bungy Jump Professionals (IBJP) a not for profit with the aim of promoting safe Bungy Jump operations across India, through specific safety standards and minimum training requirements and professional registration applicable to India for both the Jumping site design and operations. The IBJP founding members represent ten bungy sites across India as well as operations, construction, consulting manufacture and training specialists.