Tandem Jump




Free High Definition Video

Video taken from four different cameras on the ground and on the crane to capture every angle of your jump. The video is provided to each of you on CD and is also available from our website for immediate download.  Videos are taken in mp4 format.  For tandem jumps, we do not offer the option of a GoPro helmet camera video.

Bragging Rights

Every jumper receives a certificate of courage, hang it on your wall and prove to your friends you jumped Thailand’s highest Bungy Jump and what could be better than a pair of certificates to brag together!

Full Insurance

All Jumpers are fully insured with our specialist Bungy Jumping policy. We also have full public liability insurance for all of our guests whilst at the park. We are the only fully licenced and insured Bungy Jump in Thailand and strictly adhere to SANZ regulations.

Weight Restrictions

The maximum combined weight for a Tandem jump is 150kg. You will be weighed when you arrive, if you are a little over, then don’t worry you will be able to change your ticket for two single jumps. You might not be able to share the love but you will both be able to jump!

Prepare for your jump

  • When you book online, you can pay by credit card OR choose cash on arrival
  • All Jumpers must have a maximum combined weight of no more than 150Kg
  • Our Full Body Harnesses fit waist size of 38cm to 130cm
  • Please remove everything from your pockets before jumping (Free lockers are provided)
  • Wear comfortable clothes and its probably best not to have a big meal before you jump
  • If you are not in good health, or if you are pregnant then you should not jump.
  • You will not be permitted to jump should you have any of the following conditions: High Blood Pressure, and Heart Problems, dizziness, Epilepsy, Neurological conditions or Asthma. Participants cannot jump if they have any damage to neck, spine, legs or eyes.
  • Alcohol – If you appear intoxicated you cannot jump
  • Under 16’s need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian

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